About Junk

Junk: The street name for heroin. Garbage. Trash.

One of the things we learn about junk (whether we’re talking plastic grocery bags, smack, or emotional baggage) is that we can’t always throw it away, even if we’ve stopped using it. We try to bury our junk, but it lurks uncomfortably close. Think landfills. Think the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch. Think our innermost secrets.

We might stop asking for plastic bags at the grocery store, but we haven’t found a way to clean up that spiral of trash floating in the ocean. We may stop consuming our drug of choice, but our addictions still animate us. As for emotional baggage, well, pack the bags, honey, we’re going on a road trip.

Junk has become an inescapable part of us. So, why not reduce, recycle, and reuse? Let’s make art from junk.

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